The Sevice Center  section of the  portal  provides registered and confirmed users of the the site the opportunity to monitor the state of their accounts with us.

A registered user can belong to any one of the following groups:

  • Stockbroker
    • These are group of users with any stockbroking outfit. These users regularly send us shareholders certificates for verification. These users can now monitor the statuses of such verification process online from the convenience of their offices and homes.
    • Are you a broker requiring verification services from us? Register here
  • Shareholder
    • These are group of users who have invested by way of share purchases in any of  our Client Companies (companies we manage their registers). These users can now monitor their holdings in such companies from anywher in the world.
    • Such users can also view all their share certificates and dividend claims.
    • Do you belong to this group of users and you wish take this advantage? Click here to download the form. 
  • Client Company
    • These are group of users in our client companies. Expected users in this groups are management staff, company secretaries e.t.c. of our client companies.
    • These users can now view:
      • a comprehensive list of their shareholders
      • personal details of such shareholders
      • list of certificates of the shareholders
      • list of dividend payment of the shareholder
    • Are you with any of our client companies and willing to take this advantage? Register here